"Education is the single most important tool that shapes mankind"

 Concept Educations was born with an intention & commitment to provide performance oriented quality education. Here, students are taught to think analytically and develop a systematic approach for problem solving which is quintessential of JEE, AIPMT, CEE, AIIMS and other Medical & Engineering Entrance Examinations. The classroom courses of Concept Educations are designed specifically for grooming and shaping a student’s innate intelligence and elevating them to the highest levels of academic excellence.

  1. Smart Classes (1 year classroom course for Classes 9 and 10):
  2. Foundation : (2 years classroom course for 10th passed ENGINEERING aspirants)
  3. Foundation : (2 years classroom course forr 10th passed MEDICAL aspirants)
  4. PINNACLE: (1 year classroom course for 12th passed ENGINEERING aspirants)
  5. ZENITH : (1 year classroom course for 12th passed MEDICAL aspirants)
  6. CRASH COURSE: (45 days class room course for Engineering aspirants)
  7. CRASH COURSE: (45 days class room for Medical aspirants)
  8. Distance Learning Program (DLP)

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